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When your puppy arrives, a home visit is scheduled to provide advice and answer questions.
Weekly follow-up sessions are scheduled during the first six months to provide support, training and assistance.
A team of experienced raisers is always available to provide expert advice, answer questions and address concerns.
Books and videos can be borrowed from the “Paws & Learn” Library to enhance the puppy raiser’s training knowledge. Informational and Inspirational Books and Videos are available for all age groups.
All Puppy Bulletins (APB’s) are issued throughout the year on various topics pertaining to the puppy’s training or medical care.
The puppy’s approved medical needs are provided by GEB or donated by local veterinarians or veterinarian assistants. Heartworm and Flea/Tick preventatives are provided free of charge.
A “Welcome Home” Puppy Kit, containing the basic necessities for you and your puppy, is available to all raisers when their puppy arrives.
Collars, ID tag and a crate are provided for each puppy.

Although raisers are responsible for food, toys and grooming equipment, these items are available at discount prices.

Click here for highlights of our Training Program.

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